Introduction to cells

Topic 1.1

Essential idea: The evolution of multicellular organisms allowed cell specialization and raises ethical issues.

Cell Theory and Supporting Evidence

Cell Theory

2.1.3: Unicellular organisms and LIFE

Unicellular organism

2.1.4: Relative size?

Cell size link Cell size animation
Relative Size

2.1.5: How to calculate the linear magnification of drawings and the actual size of specimens?

Magnification calculation

2.1.6: The importance of the surface area to volume ratio

Surface area to volume ratio

Example: Surface area to volume ratio

Example: surface area to volume ratio
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Example: surface area to volume ratio

2.1.7 & 2.1.8: Cell differentiation in multicellular organisms

Multicellular organisms show emergent properties. Emergent properties arise from the interaction of component parts: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Cell differentiation

2.1.9 What are stem cells?

Stem cells retain the capacity to divide and have the ability to differentiate along different pathways.

Place your mouse on the figure for information on stem cells.

Explanation of stem cells

2.1.10: A therapeutic use of stem cells

Stem Cells link Stem Cells animation
Use of stem cells
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