Introduction to cells

Topic 1.1

Essential idea: The evolution of multicellular organisms allowed cell specialization and raises ethical issues.


1.1.U1 According to cell theory, living organisms are composed of cells

Cell Theory

1.1.U2 Organisms consisting of only one cell carry out all function of life in that cell

Unicellular organism

1.1.U3 Surface area to volume ratio is important in the limitation of cell size

Surface area to volume ratio

Example: Surface area to volume ratio

Example: surface area to volume ratio
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Example: surface area to volume ratio

Cell differentiation in multicellular organisms

Cell differentiation

1.1.U7 The capacity of stem cells to divide and differentiate along different pathways is necessary in embryonic development                      and also makes stem cells suitable for therapeutic uses

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Explanation of stem cells

A therapeutic use of stem cells

Stem Cells link Stem Cells animation
Use of stem cells


1.1.A3 Use of stem cells to treat Stargardt's disease and heart disease

Explanation of stem cells

1.1.A4 Ethics of therapeutic use of stem cells from specially created embryo's, from the umbilical cord blood of a new-born baby                      and from an adult's own tissues

Cell differentiation


Relative size?

Cell size link Cell size animation
Relative Size

1.1.S1 Calculation of the magnification of drawings and the actual size of structures and the ultrastructures shown in drawings                      or micrographs

Magnification calculation
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