Climate Change

Topic 4.4

Essential idea: Concentrations of gases in the atmosphere affect climates experienced at the Earth's surface.


4.4.U1 Carbon dioxide and water vapor are the most significant greenhouse gases

4.4.U2 Other gases including methane and nitrogen oxide have less impact

4.4.U3 The impact of a gas depends on its ability to absorb long wave radiation as well as its concentration in the atmosphere

Global warming potential of different greenhouse gases

4.4.U4 The warmed Earth emits longer wavelength radiation (heat)

Warmed Earth emits longer wavelength radiation

4.4.U5 Longer wave radiation is absorbed by greenhouse gases that retain the heat in the atmosphere

Longer wavelength radiation absorbed by greenhouse gases

4.4.U6 Global temperatures and climate patterns are influenced by concentrations of greenhouse gases

Projected carbon dioxide levels by IPCC

How will projected greenhouse gas concentrations affect temperatures?

Projected temperatures by IPCC
Projected temperatures explained

How will projected greenhouse gas concentrations affect climate patterns?

Projected climate patterns by IPCC

4.4.U7 There is a correlation between rising atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide since the start of                      the Industrial Revolution 200 years ago and average global temperatures

Changes in carbon dioxide during industrial revolution

4.4.U8 Recent increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide are largely due to increases in combustion of fossilized organic matter

Increased carbon dioxide due to fossil fuels


4.4.A1 Threats to coral reefs from increasing concentrations of dissolved carbon dioxide

Effect of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide on coral reefs

4.4.A2 Correlations between global temperatures and carbon dioxide concentrations under

Correlation and causation

4.4.A3 Evaluating claims that human activities are not causing climate change

Do you see any evidence in graph that humans are not causing climate change?

Carbon dioxide and temperature graph

Click on Show argument to view evidence

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Statistical significance answer
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