Evidence for evolution

Topic 5.1

Essential idea: The is overwhelming evidence for the evolution of life on Earth.


5.1.U1 Evolution occurs when heritable characteristics of a species change

Definition of evolution

5.1.U2 The fossil record provides evidence for evolution

Fossil record and evidence for evolution

Is the fossil record reliable?

Reliability of the fossil record

5.1.U3 Selective breeding of domesticated animals shows that artificial selection can cause evolution

Selective breeding and domestication of animals

5.1.U4 Evolution of homologous structures by adaptive radiation explains similarities in structure when there are differences in function

Evolution of homologous structures

5.1.U5 Populations of a species can gradually diverge into separate species by evolution

Populations diverge into separate species

5.1.U6 Continuous variation across the geographical range of related populations matches the concept of gradual divergence

Continuous variation in related populations


5.1.A1 Development of melanistic insects in polluted areas

Formation of melanistic butterflies in UK

5.1.A2 Comparison of the pentadactyl limb of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles with different methods of locomotion

Comparison of pentadactyl limbs
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