Chi-Squared Test

A test for the difference between two data sets.

Used when comparing an experimental result to an expected theoretical outcome.

Monohybrid cross of two pea plants which are heterozygous for yellow pea colour

A cross between two yellow heterozygous pea plants

Look at the cross below and complete a Punnett grid for the predicted phenotypic ratio.

Place mouse pointer on the figure to view the Punnett grid.

Predicted outcome heterozygous yellow seed cross

Step 1:

Calculation of predicted value

Step 2:

Calculation of expected outcome

Step 3:

Calculation of (O - E) squared

Step 4:

Calculation of (O - E) squared divided by expected value

Step 5:

Calculation of chi-squared

Step 6:

Calculation of degrees of freedom

Step 7:

Using the chi-squared table

Step 7b:

Calculation of predicted value
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