Gene pools and speciation

Topic 10.3

Essential idea: Gene pools change over time.


6.3.U1 A gene pool consists of all the genes and their different alleles, present in an interbreeding population

Alleles found in a gene pool

6.3.U2 Evolution requires that allele frequencies change with time in populations

Change in allele population over time

6.3.U3 Reproductive isolation of populations can be temporal, behavioral or geographic

Overview of the types of reproductive isolation
Defining temporal isolation
Defining behavioral isolation
Defining geographic isolation

6.3.U4 Speciation due divergence of isolated populations can be gradually

Explaining gradual divergence of an isolated population

6.3.U5 Speciation can occur abruptly

Explaining punctuated equilibrium


3.5.A1 Identifying examples of directional, stabilizing and disruptive selection

Explaining directional, stabilizing and disruptive selection

Can you identify each of the types of selection?

Place your mouse on the figure to view the types of selection

Examples of the different types of selection

3.5.A2 Speciation in the genus Allium by polyploidy

Explaining punctuated equilibrium


3.5.S1 Comparison of allele frequencies of geographically isolated populations

Changes in allele frequency in isolated populations
Founder effect explained
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