Transcription and gene expression

Topic 7.2

Essential idea: Information stored as a code in DNA is copied onto mRNA.


7.2.U1 Transcription occurs in a 5' to 3' direction

Transcription and production of mRNA

7.2.U2 Nucleosome's help to regulate transcription in eukaryotes

Gene regulation with nucleosomes

7.2.U3 Eukaryotic cells modified mRNA after transcription

Modificatin of mRNA after transcription

7.2.U4 Splicing of mRNA increases the number of different proteins an organism can produce

Alternative splicing of mRNA to produce different proteins

7.2.U5 Gene expression is regulated by proteins that bind to specific base sequences in a DNA

Diagram release of melatonin from pineal gland

7.2.U6 The environment of a cell and of an organism has an impact on gene expression

Effects of environment on gene expression


7.2.A1 The promoter as an example of non-coding DNA with the function

The role of the promoter in transcription


7.3.S1 Analysis of changes in the DNA methylation patterns

Place your mouse on the diagram to view explanation.

Effect of methylation on agouti gene
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