Human Nutrition

Option D1

Essential idea: A balanced diet is essential to human health.


D.1.U1 Essential nutrients cannot be synthesized by the body, therefore they have to be included in the diet

Essentail nutrients required in the diet

D.1.U2 Dietary minerials are essential chemical elements

Mineral examples

D.1.U3 Vitamins are chemically diverse carbon compounds that cannot be synthesized by the body

Vitamin examples

D.1.U4 Some fatty acids and amino acids are essential

Examples fatty acids and amino acids

D.1.U5 Lack of essentail amino acids affects production of proteins

Lack of essentail amino acids explained

D.1.U6 Malnutrition may be caused by a deficiency, imbalance or excess of nutrients in the diet

Types of Malnutrition

D.1.U7 Appetite is controlled by a centre in the hypothalamus

Appetite control centre in the hypothalamus

D.1.U8 Overweight individuals are more likely to suffer hypertension and type II diabetes

Health consequences of being overweight

D.1.U9 Starvation can lead to breakdown of body tissues

Starving to death


D.1.A1 Production of ascorbic acid by some mammals, but not others that need a dietary supply

Vitamin C synthesis in Mammals

D.1.A2 Cause and treatment of phenylketouria (PKU)

Cause of phenylketouria (PKU)

Diagram of the cause of PKU

Use the diagram to explain the cause of phenylketonuria.

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PKU explained

Treatment of phenylketouria (PKU)

Treatment of PKU

D.1.A3 Lack of Vitamin D or calcium can affect bone mineralization and cause rickets or osteomalacia

Vitamin D levels per bone mineral density category
Vit D and BMD in postmenopausal women
Vitamin D, calcium, rickets and osteomalacia

D.1.A4 Breakdown of heart muscle due to anorexia

Place your mouse pointer on table for the answer

Anorexia nervosa and heart muscle loss

Anorexia nervosa and muscle loss

Anorexia nervosa muscle loss

D.1.A5 Cholesterol in blood as an indicator of the risk of coronary heart disease

Place your mouse pointer on graph for the answer

Cholesterol and coronary heart disease

Cholesterol levels in CHD and in the blood

Cholesterol levels in the blood


D.1.S1 Determination of the energy content of food by combustion

Procedure to determine energy content of food by combustion

D.1.S2 Use of databases of nutritional content of foods and software to calculate intakes of essential nutrients from a daily diet

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