Absorption of Digested Foods

Option H3

H.3.1: The ileum

The ileum is the main site for absorption of digested food, however, cellulose, lignin, bile pigments, bacteria and intestinal cells are not absorbed into the body. Draw and label a diagram showing a transverse section of the ileum as seen under a light microscope shown below.

Cross-section of the ileum

H.3.2: The structural features of an epithelial cell of a villus

Using the electron micrograph shown below draw and label an epithelial cell showing all of its structural features.

Place your mouse on the figure to see the structural features of an epithelial cell.

Structure of epithelial cells

H.3.3: Mechanisms used by the ileum to absorb and transport food.

Mechanisms of absorption in the ileum

H.3.4: Materials that are NOT absorbed and are egested.

Material egested

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