Functions of the liver

Option H4

H.4.1: The circulation of blood through liver tissue

Blood flow through the liver

H.4.2: The role of the liver in regulating levels of nutrients in the blood

Liver regulating blood nutrients

H.4.3: The liver and the storage of nutrients

Storage of nutrients by the liver

H.4.4, H.4.5 & H.4.6: Synthesis, detoxification and breakdown by the liver

The liver synthesizes plasma proteins and cholesterol and has a role in detoxification. The process of erythrocyte and hemoglobin breakdown takes place in the liver, and includes phagocytosis, digestion of globin and bile pigment formation as described below.

Hemoglobin breakdown by the liver

H.4.7: Liver damage caused by excessive alcohol consumption

Liver damage occurs as a result of excessive and prolonged alcohol use. There are three stages of liver damage which includes fat accumulation leading to liver inflammation then cirrohsis of the liver. The breakdown of alcohol occurs in the liver and the resulting breakdown products of alcohol are toxic to the liver cells. The figures below explain how excessive alcohol use leads to liver damage.

Place your cursor on the figure to see further information on liver damage.

Liver damage from excessive alcohol

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