Growth in plants

Topic 9.3

Essential idea: Plants adapt their growth to environemntal conditions.


9.3.U1 Undifferentiated cells in the meristem of plants allow indeterminate growth

Types of meristems

9.3.U2 Mitosis and cell division in the shoot apex provide cells needed for extension of the stem and development of leaves

Diagram of stem and leaf development

9.3.U3 Plant hormones control growth in the shoot apex

Plant hormones that control growth

9.3.U4 Plant shoots respond to the environment by tropisms

Phototropism explained
Geotropism explained

9.3.U5 Auxin efflux pumps can set up concentration gradients of auxin in plant tissue

How auxin efflux pumps create concentration gradients

9.3.U6 Auxin influences cell growth rate by changing the pattern of gene expression

Auxin gene and auxin pumps


9.3.A1 Micro propagation of plants using tissue from the shoot apex, nutrient agar gels and growth hormones

Diagram of micropropagation of plants

9.3.A2 Use of micropropagation for rapid all the of new varieties, production of virus-free strains of existing varieties                      and propagation of orchids and other rare species

Advantages using tissue cultures
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